Revealed: The all-new 2025 Indian Scout looks to the past

2025 Indian Scout 101
Motorcycles are becoming more complex by the minute. All the technological frou-frou that the modern market demands makes it harder to create heritage-focused machines with clean lines and minimalistic styling. Released today, the brand new Indian Scout is a refreshing take on the tension between modern and classic.

The Scout moniker is one of the oldest in motorcycling. First used on the 1920 Indian Scout, it has been associated with legends like Ed Kretz and Burt Munro, and the Indian Wrecking Crew that dominated AMA racing in the 1950s. The 2025 Indian Scout taps into this heritage in every way it can.

2025 Indian Scout 101
“Our top priority was to uphold the iconic namesake of Scout and ensure the new lineup is as timeless as all its predecessors,” says Ola Stenegärd, Director of Industrial Design at Indian Motorcycle, who spearheaded the Scout’s redesign. “For us, it was imperative to keep it clean, follow the iconic lines of Scout, and create a package that offered seamless customization. To achieve this, it all started with the steel tube frame and all-new, V-Twin engine.”

Redesigned from the ground up, the new Scout platform is shared across five models, including the Scout Bobber, Scout Classic, Sport Scout, Super Scout, and 101 Scout. Each is powered by Indian’s all-new, liquid-cooled 1,250 cc ‘SpeedPlus’ V-twin engine. With an extra 120 cc over the outgoing Scout motor, it makes between 105 and 111 horsepower at 7,250 rpm (depending on the model and trim), and 108 Nm of peak torque at 6,300 rpm.

2025 Indian Scout 101 range
On the tech side, the Scout gets ABS, traction control, and selectable rider modes (this, too, differs by model and trim). The transmission is a six-speed affair, the clutch is hydraulic, and power is delivered to the back wheel via a belt drive.

The Scout’s engine makes no bones about its liquid cooling, with a fin-less design that looks contemporary without looking tacky. If I’m being honest, I miss the machined details on the old Scout’s power plant—but this is a good-looking mill, nonetheless. The mostly-black donk is trimmed with contrasting lines and Indian logos, and some models get chromed heads.

2025 Indian Scout 101 development
It’s packaged in an all-new steel tube frame, designed with the 1929 Indian Scout 101 in mind. Sure, if you park the brand-new Scout next to the iconic 101, you’d have to squint to see the resemblance; it is a 95-year-old motorcycle, after all. But talking to Indian’s designers via conference call, it’s clear that the 101 informed many nuanced design details on the new bike.

The new Scout’s swooping frame downtubes are a nod to the past, and if you trace a line around the Scout’s redesigned fuel tank and through its twin inline shocks, you’ll see shades of the 1929 Scout 101’s silhouette. The new tank sits a little further back now too, exposing more of the frame’s neck junction—a trick that Indian recently used on the new Indian Chief.

2025 Indian Super Scout
Indian has done an admirable job of finessing some of the Scout’s unavoidable modernities. The two-into-one exhaust system is predictably gargantuan, and the sprocket and chain cover on the opposite side of the bike is an eyesore (which is probably why Indian’s press materials contain barely any photos of the Scout’s left-hand side). But bits like the radiator and neck-mounted air intakes are tucked away nicely, adding functionality without adding bulk.

The fact that the rear shocks are ever-so-slightly off being perfectly in line with the frame rails wreaks havoc on my obsessive tendencies. On the flip side, the exposed bit of frame under the seat, and the way that the side covers are integrated with the chassis’ machined junctions, are neat touches. Keen eyes will also notice that the Scout’s rear fender struts are now hidden ‘inside’ the rear fender, decluttering the design further.

2025 Indian Scout Bobber
It’s easy to nitpick the Scout’s refreshed layout, but the one big win here is that it looks tidier than the outgoing model—which wasn’t ugly to begin with. It’s also good to see that Indian has shrunk the bloated Scout line-up to just five models, with each bike’s intended audience now a lot clearer.

The Indian Scout Bobber [above] is the most pared-back model in the range, living up to its name with a bobbed seat and rear fender, blacked-out hard parts, beefy 16×3.5” wheels, and forward foot controls. It wears 41 mm forks with 120 mm of travel up front, with 51 mm of travel available from the preload-adjustable twin shocks. Its engine is setup to put out 105 hp, and it weighs in at 237 kilos [522 lbs] dry.

2025 Indian Scout Classic
If your proclivities lean towards classic cruisers, the Indian Scout Classic [above] should tickle your fancy. Like the Bobber, it uses 16×3.5” wheels—except here, they’re laced. Big, swooping fenders add a hit of 60s style, while the back-swept bars, forward controls, and simple, round headlight all suit the Classic’s laid-back vibe.

There’s 120 mm of front wheel travel, 76 mm of rear wheel travel, and a seat height of 654 mm. Like the Bobber, the Classic makes 105 hp in standard form.

2025 Indian Sport Scout
The Indian Sport Scout [above] adds some West Coast performance style to the Scout. It rolls on sporty 19F/16R alloy wheels, with its moto-style handlebars perched on 6” risers. The quarter fairing and sporty, stepped seat nail the brief. Like the Bobber, the Sport Scout has 120 mm of front suspension travel, but there’s 76 mm available at the back.

Numbers-wise, the Sport Scout is good for 105 hp, weighs 239 kg [528 lbs] dry, and has a 654 mm seat height. The trimmed front fender and angle-cut rear fender are slick details… but given that the bike has ‘Sport’ in its name, I’m left wondering why the Sport Scout’s engine doesn’t have the full 111 hp available to it. (Indian has hinted that the bike can be ‘uncorked’ by Indian dealerships, via software.)

2025 Indian Super Scout
Next up is the Indian Super Scout [above], which resembles the Scout Classic, but comes fully loaded with saddlebags, a pillion seat, and a windshield. Complete with its luscious paint and chrome finishes, it’s got that nostalgic Americana vibe on lock.

The final—and arguably the nicest—bike in the range, is the Indian 101 Scout [below]. A direct nod to the 1929 Scout 101, it unleashes the Scout’s full 111 hp output, and adds Brembo brakes (with dual front discs), adjustable upside-down forks, and adjustable piggyback shocks. The bars, risers, and quarter-fairing match those of the Sport Scout, while a stylish gunfighter-style seat tucks the rider in tightly.

2025 Indian Scout 101
All of the above bikes come in various paint schemes, trimmed with a host of tidy details and machined parts. They can also be purchased with three different levels of trim, which range from basic rider aids, LED lighting, and an analog speedo, to various electronic rider modes, a USB charger, cruise control, premium badging, and more.

At the top trim level (which is standard on the Super Scout and 101 Scout), a 4” TFT display replaces the analog gauge, adding smartphone connectivity with turn-by-turn navigation, ride stats, and a bunch of other app-enabled services. Oh, and you get a keyless ignition, too.

2025 Indian Scout 101
Available from May in the USA, the 2025 Indian Scout will set you back anything from $12,999 to $16,999, depending on the model, paint job, and trim level. And if a stock Scout just won’t do, Indian has an array of accessories and accessory packs available too.

The Scout’s price and engine size put it in the same ballpark as the Harley-Davidson Sportster S—but its aesthetic is far more cohesive and timeless. If ever there was a loud shot across The Motor Co.’s bow, this is it.

Source: Indian Motorcycle

1929 Indian Scout 101

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