Walz Hardcore Veyron

Walz Hardcore Veyron China 1 chopper
Marcus Walz of German custom builder Hardcore Cycles is not the shy and retiring type, and neither are his customers, it would seem. This latest bike—the Veyron China 1, to give it its full name—was delivered just before Christmas to a Chinese businessman in Hong Kong. According to Hockenheim-based Walz, “18 months ago, the client ordered a new white Bugatti Veyron. At the same time, he contacted us to order a matching bike based on a limited edition ‘Iceman’ chassis.” There’s no word on the exact specification of this machine, but we do know that the original Iceman chassis was created for Kimi Räikkönen, the 2007 Formula 1 world champion. Räikkönen has bought two Hardcore bikes, and Iceman II had a Ferrari theme: the automotive link has obviously impressed the Bugatti owner, who now has a bike as extreme as his 987 bhp car. So: hot or not? [Thanks to Phil Davis.]

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