C&J Rotax Flat Tracker

Flat track racing motorcycle
We’re suckers for flat track racing motorcycles here, and this Rotax-powered racer from England sure is purdy. The image comes from Ben Part of Sideburn, and Ben has his tongue firmly in cheek when describing the bike: “No vehicle is safe from the gaudy touch of the pimp and his bling. But only fellow gangsters, small children, and magpies are impressed with such shininess. So it’s a little strange for a novice UK short track rider to turn up with an imported American C&J-framed Rotax flat tracker—resplendent with PM forged wheels and brakes, and gold leaf lettering on the tank. And a feather duster. And then race it.”

The rider wishes to be known only as Jason, letting his bike do the talking. And it looks the business: it’s using a C&J frame fitted with a Penske mono shock, plus front forks lifted from a Yamaha R6. Yokes are from A&A Racing and the fiberglass tank and seat unit is from Grand Prix Glassworks. Making sure the ‘go’ matches the ‘show’ is a 640cc 4-stroke thumper, prepped by dirt track guru Ron Wood. And Maxxis DTR-1 tires—ubiquitous but always attractive—put the power to the ground.

According to Ben, “Jason gave himself the humble 99 number board ranking, knowing that he has no chance of a proud position on the podium any time this century. But most importantly he’s not afraid to look good losing.” [Sideburn #5 is out now, with 100 pages of “ass-kicking women racers, GSX-Rs on ice and Dave Aldana on dope”. Get your copy here.]

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