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Lead sled: A BMW K1100 LT cafe racer from Dragons Motorcycles

Lead sled: A BMW K1100 LT cafe from Spain

There’s a reason we don’t see many BMW K-series customs, and it’s because they’re tough to work with. The K is physically big and has an awkward silhouette—neither of which are ideal ingredients for a good custom. Some builders find success by embracing the K’s inherent design, and producing something angular and modern. But Pablo…

BMW K1100 cafe racer with camouflage paint by Impuls

A camouflaged BMW K1100 (with an e-bike to match)

Traditional cafe racers are typically designed with restraint high on the agenda. But we’re just as enthused by customs that trade reservedness for loudness—like this BMW K1100 with extremely sharp lines and a reflective livery. This left-field custom is the work of Impuls in Munich, Germany. And as we’ve seen from their previous work, the…