Custom electric motorcycle by Wannabe-Choppers

Chemical Reactions: Wannabe’s custom electric chopper

We tend to be afraid of what we don’t understand, shying away from things that are ‘different’ or ‘foreign.’ Even something as lovely as this all-aluminum motorcycle from Enrico de Haas of Germany’s Wannabe-Choppers is hated by some—simply because it has an electric powertrain. “Sometimes I’m even happy about the bullshit,” says a smiling Ricky,…

BMW R18 chopper by Augment Motorworks

El Boxeador: A cheeky BMW R18 chopper from Canada


Despite its initial lukewarm reception, the BMW R18 has become a regular fixture on the custom scene. Numerous workshops have customized the bulked-up Bavarian boxer in myriad ways—but there’s one style we haven’t seen yet. Until now, no one’s tried to turn it into a chopper. Enter Nick Acosta and his Toronto, Canada-based shop, Augment…