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Hey Bulldog: Ad Hoc's beefy Ducati Multistrada

Hey Bulldog: Ad Hoc’s beefy Ducati Multistrada

There’s no conventional beauty in the oddball creations of David Gonzalez. But there’s a steady demand for the unusual bikes that roll out of his garage in Barcelona, Spain. The latest is ‘HyperRoad,’ a muscular Ducati Multistrada with a powerful stance. “The commission came from a guy who’s big Ducati fan,” says David. “He’d seen…

Ducati Multistrada custom by Ad Hoc Cafe Racers

Ducati Multistrada by Ad Hoc

Ten years ago, the Multistrada was the odd man out in the Ducati line-up. For starters, it looked very strange indeed—and was likened by one magazine to a “wet cat with a large forehead.” As a bike to ride, though, it was pretty good. As long as you didn’t take it off-road. So it’s the…

Ducati Multistrada "Biuta"

Ducati Multistrada “Biuta”

The first incarnation of the Multistrada was an awkward machine. But this unusual custom has transformed Ducati’s ugly duckling into a swan. It’s called “Biuta” and it was created by Carlo Roscio of Pavi, a town in Lombardy some 35 kilometers south of Milan. With the help of his brother, Carlo has built a mongrel…