Seeley Norton Commando 750 by Marian Sell

A classic, reborn: Marian Sell’s tasty Seeley Norton Commando 750

“I’ve never sat on a running Norton before,” photographer Marian Sell announces proudly. He’s just finished dialing in this 750 cc Seeley Norton Commando—a process that involved multiple heat cycles, ignition timing adjustments, carb syncing sessions, cylinder head re-torques, and valve clearance resets. Now, a year after buying it as a rolling chassis, Marian’s first…

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Speed Read, September 19, 2021

Triumph’s new Speed Triple 1200 RR got the internet fizzing this week, so we’ve added our thoughts. We’ve also stumbled across a cute SYM Wolf custom from Taiwan, a gorgeous Colorado Norton Works Commando on eBay, and a Tonka-tough electric utility bike that’s just gone on sale in the US.