Classic BMW boxer restomod by Roughchild

Canyon carver: A BMW boxer restomod built for California’s twisties


Robert Sabel’s name is synonymous with ultra-clean BMW boxer restomods. His projects turn out so tidy, that it’s almost ironic that his California-based shop is called Roughchild Motorcycles. But they’re not just visually neat; Robert likes to imbue them with modern performance and reliability too. This particular BMW boxer restomod was built for Randy Garver—a…

Custom BMW R75/5 by Roughchild Motorcycles

Roughchild’s BMW R75/5 is a love letter to the airhead

Calling Robert Sabel a purist would be missing the point. His Los Angeles-based shop, Roughchild Motorcycles, works exclusively on BMWs, without ever straying too far from their original looks. But their builds are more than just restoration jobs; they might look vintage on the surface, but they’re loaded with stealthy modern upgrades. “We sympathetically combine…

BMW R75/5 by Roughchild

RSWB: A Granada Red Toaster Tank BMW by Roughchild

There aren’t many new ways left to customize classic R-series BMWs, and that means it’s harder to make them stand out. You either need to build something wild or, like Roughchild Motorcycles of Los Angeles, keep it simple… and extremely tasteful. Founded by Robert Sabel, the Roughchild team works exclusively on BMWs—and has been doing…