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Speed Read, 8 November 2020

Royal Enfield set their sights on the small bike market this week with the new Meteor 350, while Voxan break records with their electric-powered Wattman. Plus Hookie Co. are back with a slick Triumph Bobber Black conversion, Nmoto have a new concept based on a BMW scooter, and a Triumph Trackmaster replica has just sold…

Canadian Cool: A Triumph Bonneville bobber by Origin8or Cycles

Canadian Cool: A Bonneville bobber from Origin8or


Classic Triumph bobbers tend to be commissioned by riders with many years and miles under their belts. After all, it usually takes time to appreciate the elegance and understated style of a hardtail build. This spectacular Bonneville from Rob Chappell of Origin8or Cycles has a very different backstory, though. “The owner is a new rider…