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Bultaco Cazarécords

In 1960, the young Spanish manufacturer Bultaco decided to make a name for itself and claim some long distance records. It built this stunningly beautiful 175cc machine, and took it to the Autodrome de Montlhéry just south of Paris. It was a successful trip, with five records in the bag. Best of all, the Bultaco Cazarécords is still in running order, and in the care of the remarkable Museu de la Moto de Bassella in Spain, a two-hour ride northwest of Barcelona. And despite packing a mere 11 cubic inches of capacity, the sound of the engine is still enough to send a chill down your spine. The racetrack shots were taken at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Cazarécords in April 2010 at the Autódromo de Terramar, in the presence of three of the protagonists of the story: Felix Arsequell, in charge of timing, Alberto Nomen, the chief mechanic, and Ricardo Quintanilla, one of the record-breaking riders. After a slight mishap on the start line, the 76-year-old Quintanilla (below) successfully lapped the track three times. Check the Bassella museum Flickr page for more images of this amazing machine, and if you ever find yourself in Spain, bookmark the museum for a visit.


  • tq

    love the bike and the audio!

  • Anonymous

    I love how anything old becomes “stunningly beautiful”.

  • iRivas

    Old timer put it on the ground! Looks like the bike was too heavy for him, or he lost his balance. Anyways, very cringe worthy moment to put such a classic and beautiful motorcycle on it’s side. That was hilarious and oh crap! at the same time.

    • Sandramiller5956

      Nothing Funny about it. Take a Good look at where your legs are in relation to the rest of the bike, this bike was for racing and the extreme riding position makes it unstable at slow speeds. We should all hope to do half the things the”Old Timer”has done in his life.

      • K1W1

        And it’s got about two degrees of steering lock and probably needs to be well above 6000rpm to even let the clutch out and it’s wet and the tyres are about 5cm wide. I’d love to see the person who made the “old timer” comment on it. I’ve have money on about 20 stalls before he moved a cm.

        • iRivas

          I apologize and I’ll retract my comments, you both make valid points (and it would probably be 30 stalls). Nothing but respect for Ricardo Quintanilla.

  • Kumo

    “Burt Munro” moment in the start line

  • Phil A

    For more on the Museo de la Moto at Bassella:

    Upstairs is the permanent collection, downstairs the temporary exhibition.

  • Mikep

    I would give my right leg to lap that around the autodrome just one time.

  • stunningly beautiful it aint, balls out freaking awesome it is! dropping it at the start line is something i would do, i imagine its a bitch to ride. cool post!

  • I havent watched the video just seen the photos but judging by the weather it could have been the wind that caught him out. Those huge fairings are awful in anykind of crosswind, I think they ended up banning them from GP’s for that reason.
    Either way I hope when I get to 76 i’m still able to ride bikes. And like others have said I bet that bike is a pig to get off the line. Looks amazing though and nice to see its still being used. Awesome.

  • elven

    Built for a purpose and it succeded !
    Not pretty but functional and efficient. A short blog on those fairings here:

  • Andrew

    OK, back to the bike. What records did it set and how fast did it go way back then when this guy and Bultaco were in their prime? The video reminds me a bit of when the Japanese guy does a parade lap at Isle of Mann on the small but mighty Honda six cylinder. Great to see a runner instead of a shell on a display. The fairing is beautiful. Thanks for the find!

  • KIK


  • Jess Thomas

    FYI, Folks: I was on the factory team in 1964 with Ramon Torras. Quintanilla, Marcello Cama, Johnny Grace were the riders who set the subject records in 1960, but were retired racers by the time I was there. Quintinalla was a district sales manager, Cama worked in design drafting, and Grace was export sales director. I never saw this machine during the year I was there, but I heard that it was stored in a shed out at F.X. Bulto’s finca. Today, Quintanilla owns a major Honda sales chain throughout Spain.

    • Don W

      Hi Jess, always enjoyed your work with Cycle.

      Don W.
      Lincoln, NE

  • Alvar0

    La mejor motocicleta española de 2 tiempos de la historia

  • I bet the noise and sight of this haring around the track would make a heart beat fast. Classic stuff.