AFT Customs Er Hed

AFT Customs Er Hed Yamaha XVS
This isn’t a vintage Harley custom: it’s a cleverly-crafted 21st century Yamaha that took first prize in the ‘metric’ class at last year’s World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Er Hed was designed by Jim Giuffra of California-based AFT Customs, which bills itself as ‘the home of the 8” headlight’. The modified Redneck Engineering frame is cradling one of the few stock parts on this bike, a 2004 Yamaha XVS Road Star engine. (The torquey motor gains even more grunt from Mikuni HSR 42 carburetion—more commonly seen on custom Harley twin cams.) Power runs through AFT’s own hydraulic clutch system, and other unusual details abound: the handlebars, for instance, also act as the brake fluid reservoir, and the wheels are 23” both front and rear.

  • Josh

    Things like these shouldn’t be considered motorbikes.

  • JR

    Love the girder front suspension! and is that a chopper with rear suspension? Nice job guys!

  • what, you got something against boobies, chris?

    ; )

  • Jonny

    I think it’s terrible the way those women are exploited and made to sit on those bikes against their will. You can see the pain and disgust on their faces!

    Oh, the bike is quite nice.

  • Jon LeFors

    I appreciated the model just for a sense of scale. These bikes have gotten to be incredibly LARGE. I’d love to see a pic with this bike and a modern sportbike in the same image (Or a Mini for that matter…).

    +1 on the girder front end.

  • It’s nice to see a skinny rear wheel on a custom instead of those giant rubber orbs people call tires. What’s up with the exhaust? …looks like scrap bits from a pipe bending leason in shop class.

  • this bike is really great and really dream machine for the enthusiasts.

  • vencejo

    But would you ride it on real roads?
    If not, what’s it for?

  • vencejo

    Sorry, I just don’t see the point in putting a decent motor in a chassis that’s only rideable up to 50mph.