Paul d'Orléans

Paul d’Orléans is a globally recognized expert on motorcycle history and culture. He founded The Vintagent as a blog in October 2006, after being photographed on The Sartorialist (!) and sensing a new opportunity to explore imagery and ideas.

The immediate popularity of The Vintagent led him to abandon a 25-year career as a decorative paint specialist by 2009, in favor of a new career of writing, photography, and film, mostly related to motorcycles.

As a writer, Paul is Custom & Style editor at Cycle World magazine, editor-at-large for At Large magazine, monthly columnist for Classic Bike Guide, and a regular contributor for print sources as diverse as Men’s File and The Automobile.

He has authored two books: Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture (MBI 2014,) which originated as an exhibition in Sturgis co-curated with photographer Michael Lichter, and The Chopper; the Real Story (Gestalten 2014)—the only comprehensive history of this 2-wheeled outsider art movement, which is as American as Rock ’n’ Roll and Abstract Expressionism.

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