Tim Huber

Born and raised in San Francisco, Tim Huber is a Los Angeles-based motorcycle journalist.

His father—a diehard BMW 2002 fanatic—introduced him to hot rods and custom culture at an early age, but it wasn’t until moving to LA that the notoriously congested streets and freeways of the Southern California city prompted him to pick up his first motorbike.

Having spent much of his youth smashing around his hilly hometown on a 20” BMX, the transition from pedal-powered to motorized two-wheeler was a very natural one.

Starting with a Chinese-made MotoBravo Roma 150—which was the cheapest running motorized two-wheeler on Craigslist at the time—Tim quickly moved on to bigger and better bikes.

Today, his stable consists of a K7 GSX-R600, a KZ650, and a slew of CB projects in various states of (dis)repair. When he’s not writing, riding, or wrenching on bikes, Tim enjoys watching racing, attending police auctions, producing custom concept renderings, and spending time with his better half.

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