Announcement: Bike EXIF is now part of Iron & Air Media

Iron & Air Media Announces Strategic Acquisition of Bike EXIF
Twelve years ago, I started Bike EXIF as an idle experiment during a quiet lunch hour in my office in Sydney, Australia. To my surprise, it took off like a top fuel drag bike—and helped introduce the world to a whole new style of motorcycle customizing.

As our following grew, we started publishing an annual calendar, and in 2013, edited the first of two best-selling books. Bike EXIF is now run from a remote farm in New Zealand, and it’s a full-time job.

Iron & Air Media Announces Strategic Acquisition of Bike EXIF
Today, I’m excited to announce the next phase in the journey: Bike EXIF has become part of the Iron & Air Media group, based in New Hampshire, USA. You may know Iron & Air Magazine—it’s a beautiful 114-page quarterly [above], featuring the best motorcycle photography and writing. In short, it’s the closest thing to Bike EXIF in print.

And that’s why we did this deal. I’ve known Iron & Air co-founders Adam Fitzgerald [below right] and Gregory George Moore [left] for years, and long admired their skills. Casual conversations about shared interests and the future of motorcycle media turned into more serious discussions, and over many months, plans began to take shape. COVID did its best to derail that deal, but in the end, merely delayed it a few months.

Gregory George Moore and Adam Fitzgerald of Iron & Air
So what’s going to change now? In the short term, very little. I’ll continue in my role as Editor-in-chief, and our Senior Editor Wes Reyneke will continue to oversee the day-to-day running of the website. We’ll get access to Iron & Air’s treasure trove of content, and in turn, we’ll be introducing some Bike EXIF favorites to the world of high-end print.

Iron & Air Media Announces Strategic Acquisition of Bike EXIF
Our combined mission is still to connect custom builders and switched-on brands to a passionate audience of millions. We now have even more resources to do that. And in the meantime, we’re making plans to expand into uncharted waters and amplify the custom scene even more.

Thank you for riding with us this far. Drop us a line in the comments or via email if you’ve got any questions or suggestions.

Chris Hunter
Founder, Bike EXIF

Chris Hunter of Bike EXIF