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BMW R100/S

BMW R100S cafe racer
In the 1970s, BMW had a reputation for producing reliable but somewhat stodgy touring motorcycles. Then in 1977, the Bavarians suddenly got sexy back. The R100/7 and well-reviewed R100/S were BMW’s first liter-class bikes, with stiffened frames that transformed the handling and extra grunt from uprated boxer engines. The /S (“Sport” model) got a small fairing, twin disc front brakes, lowered bars and a sporty ‘racer seat’—and for many motorcyclists, immediately became an object of desire. Along with its more aerodynamic RS cousin, it’s now a favorite with Euro retro builders and Japanese custom tuners. The lightly customized bike in the picture is from Barcelona, and was spotted on the always excellent ADVrider forums. If you’re a fan of vintage BMW cafe racers, check out this R75/5 racer and exquisitely restored R90/6 from Ritmo Sereno. [Thanks to BMW blogger Ross Moorhouse.]