Cook Customs Rambler

Cook Customs Rambler custom motorcycle

Cook Customs
bikes invariably have a classy, retro charm, which makes them stand out from the stereotypical Hot Wheels glitz purveyed by many other US builders. Dave Cook’s AMD Championship-winning bike ‘Rambler’ has a distinct vintage feel, and is powered by what he mysteriously refers to as a ‘550 International’ engine—a one-of-a-kind construction using OEM metric and Dave Cook custom fabricated components.

The motor is based on the Honda CB550 transverse four, with a radically reworked case so it can be positioned longitudinally instead of transversely. On top of the case work, Dave also built an auxiliary oil tank and oil regulator.

The timing assembly is a one-off too, along with the bell housing and clutch assembly, which runs Aermacchi clutch plates. The transmission housing is an old BMW 3-speeder, which Dave managed to fill with a BMW R75 four-speed gear set; the shaft drive is adapted from a Yamaha Virago.

It’s a lot of work, and that’s before we even get into the engine breathing or the finely-detailed, almost antique styling. Class.

Thanks to Colleen Swartz.