Custom Bikes Of The Week: 6 January, 2019

The best cafe racers, mini bikes and classic motorcycles of the week
Since this is our first weekly round up of the year, we’re taking liberties. A couple of the bikes below popped up last month, and a couple more have just landed in our inbox.

The list includes everything from a Ducati 750SS dressed as a MH900e, to a BMW R nineT built up with kit parts. We’ve also got a retro-styled Yamaha XJR1300, a rare Moto Martin M16 and a little Honda Z50R filled with attitude.

Let’s get 2019 started then…

Ducati 750SS by Unik Edition
Ducati 750SS by Unik Edition The Ducati MH900e is one of the most iconic motorcycles Ducati ever built. But they only ever built 2 000 units—so if you want one, you better have the bank balance to back up your dream.

This MHe-looking Duc is actually a 1994 750SS, built for a customer by Portugal’s Unik Edition. The brief was to reimagine the MH900E as a contemporary motorcycle, but on a budget. Or, as the client put it: “If Mr. Pierre Terblanche designed the Ducati 900 MHe today, what would it look like?”

Ducati 750SS by Unik Edition
Unik started with a 750SS, then added the wheels and swing arm from a newer Monster S4R. Then they matched up a MHe fairing and tail kit to the stock 750SS tank (which was reportedly quite a mission).

We love the combo of red paint and a gold frame and wheels, but this replica-slash-café racer is also sporting a number of neat details. The back end of the tail’s been louvered with the tail light embedded, and the dash in particular is really neatly arranged. It might not be an actual MH900e, but it’s still damn charming. [More]

Moto Martin M16 1135 EFE Suzuki
Martin M16 1135 EFE Suzuki If you’re looking for vintage machinery that’s truly collectable, Legend Motors is a good place to start. They’re based in a beautiful shop in Lille, France, and they’re the place to go for rare and special classics.

Don’t take our word for it; this gorgeous specimen has just popped up in their inventory. It’s an early 80s Moto Martin M16, and it could be yours for a cool €16,800 (about $19,150).

Moto Martin M16 1135 EFE Suzuki
Moto Martin is a boutique French frame manufacturer, founded by Georges Martin way back in 1970. Martin’s work was originally based on the frame designs of Fritz Egli, with a focus on rigidity and weight saving. This particular model—the M16—uses a perimeter frame design, and is equipped with a Suzuki GSX 1135 EFE motor.

Details are sparse, but we’re smitten with what looks like either a nickel-plated or polished frame, and that retro-fabulous paint scheme. There’s no doubt: this Moto Martin is going to make some collector extremely happy. [More]

BMW R nineT kit by JvB Moto and Kedo
BMW R nineT Parts from JvB-Moto Jens vom Brauck built a BMW R nineT a while back that knocked our socks off. I was lucky enough to not only see, but also ride it—and it eventually landed on our Top 10 for 2017.

Even though Jens swore that the bike was a one-off, he did hint that some of the parts would make it into production. And now they have, via JvB-Moto’s parts partner, Kedo.

BMW R nineT kit by JvB Moto and Kedo
This red R nineT’s carrying a selection of the new parts. Up front is a headlight in the usual JvB style (it’s available in three versions), with an optional bracket that holds a Motogadget dash. Out back, you’ll find a sharp new race-inspired tail piece, with a slim LED light embedded in the back.

Jens has also installed the JvB air intake, license plate holder, LED turn signals, front fender, sump guard, and a few other bits and pieces. It’s a minor rework of the R nineT but it’s majorly cool—and since everything bolts on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to build. [More]

Yamaha XJR1300 by Venezia Moto
Yamaha XJR1300 by Venezia Moto This XJR belongs to Federico Agnoletto—the man behind the incredibly well attended Verona Motor Bike Expo. The Expo includes scores of custom bikes, so Federico decided it was time to build a custom of his own, that would be worthy of display.

Enlisting the help of Italian Yamaha dealer and workshop, Venezia Moto, he created this beautiful throwback iteration of the Yamaha XJR1300. Venezia Moto was a logical choice; they took top honors a few years ago at the show, in a build-off organized by Yamaha themselves.

Yamaha XJR1300 by Venezia Moto
Federico picked the burly XJR as a donor, and then settled on a design direction. Inspiration came from Giacomo Agostini’s World Championship-winning Yamaha OW23 YZR500. That meant a full array of race-style bodywork, built from scratch to resemble Ago’s YZR, but fit the much bigger XJR.

Bolt-ons include some Rizoma bits, and a titanium exhaust from SC Project. But it’s that period-correct livery—and those gold Marvic wheels—that push it over the edge for us.

1982 Honda Z50R mini bike by Droog Moto
Honda Z50R by Droog Moto Little bikes are big fun, right? A lot of people think so, and that philosophy’s been creeping steadily into the custom scene over the last year. Here’s a contender from Droog Moto in Arizona.

It’s a Honda Z50R, and it was built up to resemble the shop’s twelfth build: a Kawasaki Ninja 650R with a post-apocalyptic vibe. A customer had bought the Ninja, and wanted something for his son to match it, so that they could “terrorize the neighborhood” together. (Parent of the year perhaps?)

1982 Honda Z50R mini bike by Droog Moto
Droog set about fabricating similar mods to the Ninja’s for the little Honda. On went a front number board with a stubby fender, and a set of MX bars. The rear end was reworked with a new seat, but the stock fuel tank was left alone.

Droog also refurbished the motor, upgraded the shocks, and fitted chunky rubber and solid wheel covers, bringing the style in line with Dad’s bike. Needless to say, the little ripper was beyond stoked when the ‘Mini Brawler’ was delivered. [More]

1982 Honda Z50R mini bike by Droog Moto