BMW R100 RT by Cafe Racer Dreams

Custom BMW R100 RT
Two months ago, CRD hit the ball out of the park with an elegant vintage BMW R75. They’ve now revisited the Teutonic theme, this time with a muscular and purposeful BMW R100 RT.

‘Ruby Ring’ was commissioned by an Austrian fan of the Spanish custom builders. And she’s not just a pretty face: the extensive list of mods starts with the engine, which has been heavily upgraded with the help of BMW specialists MaxBOXER.

Custom BMW R100 RT
The 1983-model twin has been boosted from 980 to 1040cc, with lightweight high-compression pistons. They’re running a 7mm shorter stroke, but a large overbore. The heads have been ported, with new valves fitted, and a dual-plug ignition system installed. (This comes complete with 16 maps to choose from, so you can select the power curve you want.)

Custom BMW R100 RT
Carbs are Dell’orto, sucking through K&N filtration, and gases exit via a custom exhaust system built by CRD’s neighbors, a company called GR. A lighter and stronger Sach sports clutch handles the extra power.

Custom BMW R100 RT
At the front, the 41mm forks have been rebuilt. At the back, the entire structure of the BMW R100 RT is new, and is now anchored by Hagon Nitro shocks. The bars are Renthal Ultra Lows, and the pegs are from Tarozzi. Continental Twinduro TKC80 dual sport tires give the bike a measure of off-road ability.

Custom BMW R100 RT
The stance is appealingly stocky and compact, and the whole shebang is finished in a mix of deep ruby-red paint and gray powder-coat. Muy bonito, ¿no?

Check out previous CRD builds in the Bike EXIF Archives, and keep up with CRD’s news on their Facebook page. Images courtesy of Rafa Gallar.

Custom BMW R 100RT

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