The new ICON 1000 Brigand Collection
Lead sled: A BMW K1100 LT cafe racer from Dragons Motorcycles

Lead sled: A BMW K1100 LT cafe from Spain

There’s a reason we don’t see many BMW K-series customs, and it’s because they’re tough to work with. The K is physically big and has an awkward silhouette—neither of which are ideal ingredients for a good custom. Some builders find success by embracing the K’s inherent design, and producing something angular and modern. But Pablo…

Motorcycle show report: Pure&Crafted 2019, Amsterdam

Show Report: Pure&Crafted, Amsterdam


There’s a mystical connection between music and motorcycles that isn’t explored nearly enough. BMW Motorrad recognizes that—and hosts the Pure&Crafted festival each year to celebrate it. Pure&Crafted is basically a mash-up of music and motorcycles, with a heavy emphasis on ‘new heritage’ lifestyle. So instead of getting pop rock and sport bikes, you get indie…