Design the next Bike EXIF T-shirt

Design the next Bike EXIF T-shirt

Calling All Café Racer Picassos: Your Garage Dreams Deserve a T-Shirt

Tired of cookie-cutter motorcycle apparel that screams ‘generic biker dude’ louder than a v-twin with straight-pipe exhaust? Do you dream in pistons and chrome and doodle café racer concepts on lunch break napkins?  Well, Bike EXIF,  the web’s coolest motorcycle watering hole, is offering you a chance to turn your napkin visions into global fashion statements while scoring some serious bragging rights.

Here’s the deal: We want you to design the next Bike EXIF T-shirt. We’re on the hunt for the wildest, most badass motorcycle-inspired T-shirt designs this side of a burnout competition. Forget flames and skulls—we want art that makes our e-mail inbox smell of gasoline and leaves oil marks on our desktop. Think steampunk cyborg choppers soaring through neon cityscapes, or vintage pin-up girls channeling their inner Isle of Man.

The beauty? The design you submit is ALL YOURS and MUST BE ALL YOURS. No copyright handcuffs here for letting us use your design. If your artwork gets picked, it’ll be splashed across premium T-shirts and sold worldwide, with full credit to you as the artistic genius. You’ll be supporting the continued success of Bike EXIF and receive a free $100 credit in our store. It’s not much, but it’s better than an exhaust burn on your inner calf.

Do you think you have what it takes to design the next Bike EXIF T-shirt? Dust off your colored pencils, fire up Photoshop, or grab that trusty napkin and head over to and unleash your inner motorcycle Da Vinci. Together we can rewrite the rulebook of motorcycle apparel, one epic T-shirt at a time.