Super-tracker: A custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto steeze

Custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto style
The traditional definition of a street tracker is a motorcycle that has all the trappings of a flat tracker, with the addition of lights, street-biased tires, and a front brake. But what if you took the concept a step further, and sprinkled some supermoto ingredients into the mix? You’d probably end up with something like this spicy custom Sportster 1200.

The bike belongs to and was built by Xavi Dynamische—a Barcelona-based enthusiast who loves café racers, streetfighters, and supermotos in equal measure. With a couple of custom builds already under his belt and a KTM 990 SMR in the garage, the desire to create a street tracker with supermoto underpinnings began to buzz around in Xavi’s head. So when he stumbled across a 2003-model Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 in good nick, he figured that it would be the perfect bike to do it with.

Custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto style
“When I bought my first big bike, a BMW R65, I customized it into a café racer,” Xavi tells us, “but deep down I wanted to do it with a Sportster, to replicate the Harley-Davidson XLCR 1000. Since then, I’ve always had a certain love for the Sportster.”

With help from his good friend, Franc, Xavi tore into his recently-acquired Sportster 1200 until all that remained was its rigid-mount engine, frame, and swingarm. The guys then built it back up with a laundry list of well-judged mods and parts.

Custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto style
Getting the bike’s stance right was paramount. Xavi searched for forks and shocks that would not only raise the overall ride height, but also create a visual balance between the front and back. In the end, parts from two unlikely (and very different) sources ended up fitting the bill.

The forks come from a 2001-model Harley-Davidson Softail Night Train, while the piggyback shocks are Showa units lifted off a Suzuki ATV. Xavi swapped the stock 19F/16R wheels for a pair of 17” laced hoops, fitted with a 120-wide Bridgestone Battlax tire up front and 160-wide Dunlop Sportmax rubber out back. A chain drive conversion and a Tokico front brake caliper round out the running gear.

Custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto style
Next, it was time to finesse the Sportster 1200’s bodywork. Xavi replaced the fuel tank with a slimmer aftermarket unit that he describes as “less Harley,” then hunted down a classic Harley XR750-style tail section. A custom-made seat pad sits up top.

The Sportster has been liberated of its rear fender struts, and the tailpiece is mounted on a bespoke subframe. Xavi blocked the area around the shock mounts off to keep things tidy, and added a handmade inner fender. Further back, an OEM-style bracket holds the taillight, rear turn signals, and license plate.

Custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto style
Xavi outfitted the Sportster with number boards too, attaching the front plate to the forks via a set of easily removable clamps. A small headlight pokes out lower down. Xavi also fitted fork guards, a neat front fender, and an aftermarket belly spoiler.

Moving to the motor, Xavi and co. swapped the stock air filter out for an oversized forward-facing setup. A handmade two-into-one exhaust system snakes its way around the engine, before terminating in a rowdy Arrow muffler.

Custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto style
The cockpit wears a set of LSL enduro bars, with LSL rear-set controls doing duty lower down. Xavi kept the Sportster’s original switchgear, controls, and speedo, but swapped the grips for Sparkly blue items from Dock66.

Manu Martin handled the slick paint job, wrapping Xavi’s custom Sportster 1200 in gloss black with white accents and delicious throwback AMF Harley Davidson graphics. Various hard parts, like the forks and yokes, were finished in shades of black.

Custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto style
It’s a crying shame that we don’t see more Sportsters get the street tracker-slash-supermoto treatment. Xavi’s custom Sportster 1200 is proof that the concept works—and it reportedly rides as good as it looks, too.

More of this, please.

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Custom Sportster 1200 with supermoto style

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