The ICON Patrol 3 boots
Custom Harley-Davidson Softail Standard by One Way Machine

Modernized: OWM’s custom Harley Softail Standard

During his first decade of building custom bikes as One Way Machine, Julian von Oheimb worked exclusively on older Harley-Davidsons. Then, about a year ago, a customer asked him to apply his signature touch to a modern Milwaukee Eight-powered Softail. Julian obliged—and even though the platform demanded a fresh approach, he still knocked it out…

Custom Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout by Rough Crafts

Asphalt Glider: Rough Crafts’ menacing Harley Breakout


Black. Menacing. Muscular. Three words that describe the quintessential Rough Crafts custom build. This long and lean Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout, nicknamed ‘Asphalt Glider,’ is Winston Yeh’s latest creation—and it checks those boxes harder than anything else that he’s built so far. Don’t get us wrong; Winston’s Taipei, Taiwan-based shop has turned out some bright builds…