Saturday Cinema: Malle’s Coverage of the Enduro Vintage Trophy

2022 Enduro Vintage Trophy
Competitive off-road racing
is hard on equipment and harder on your body—a young man’s sport at the end of the day. But what happens to the heroes of years passed when their joints and trusty steeds are a bit long in the tooth?

Like the peaky ring of a high-strung two-stroke, the heart of a competitor is never too old to feel young again. And both see the thrill of competition each year, at the Enduro Vintage Trophy event.

2022 Enduro Vintage Trophy
Once a class of the International Six Days Enduro, the Vintage Trophy has now become an independent race, celebrating the rich global history of motorcycle enduro racing. The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) sets strict guidelines for entry, mandating that core components of the bikes are real-deal vintage, and the picturesque town of Santiago do Cacém, Portugal, hosted the 2022 event.

157 period-correct enduro machines and their nostalgia-driven pilots were drawn to the event from 12 different countries, many driving thousands of miles for an epic journey in the saddle. Some are former champs in their 60s, and others are just hardcore vintage enthusiasts, but all are there for the fun, and the thrill of seeing the gate drop for another stage.

2022 Enduro Vintage Trophy
The Enduro Vintage Trophy attracts a diverse selection of bikes from the sport’s most innovative era, with a backdrop of beautiful countryside, cobblestone streets and wooded stages. A once-in-a-lifetime riding opportunity, the 2021 event was held on the Italian island of Elba, and the 2023 Trophy will be held in Spain between the towns of Fontanals de Cerdanya and Alp—scheduled October 18-21.

2022 Enduro Vintage Trophy
Our friends at Malle London won’t miss a good throwdown of vintage iron, and recently gave us an exclusive, first-hand look at all the happenings in Portugal. Their short film NEVER ENDING documents the sights and heroes of the Enduro Vintage Trophy, and is sure to elicit fond memories of two-stroke smoke.

Sure-fire inspiration to get out and twist a throttle, this is our most recent selection for your essential weekend viewing.

Produced by Malle London.
Directed by Jonny Cazzola and Manuel Portugal
Cinematography by João Alves and Henrique Leones
Edited by Manuel Portugal
Post Production by Hello Movement

Supported by
Malle London
NEXX Helmets
The Lisbon Motorcycle Film Festival
Motoni Motorcycles

With thanks to
Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
Motor Sport Vila Nova de Santo André

2022 Enduro Vintage Trophy