CB 100 by Deus Bali

Honda CB 100
If I were looking for a lifestyle change, hanging out in Bali building custom bikes and surfboards would be near the top of my list. The guys at Deus have obviously been thinking along the same lines, because they’ve just set up the Deus Canggu bengkel (workshop). And this bike is one of the first fruits of their labors.

Called ‘Inari’, after the Japanese Shinto spirit of fertility and success, it’s based on a humble 1976 Honda CB 100—one of the most popular bikes in Indonesia. Virtually nothing of the original machine remains, though: the engine has almost doubled in size to 180cc, and the front and rear suspension is from a Yamaha 225. And despite the CB 100’s diminutive size, she carries her Bratstyle influence well.

Honda CB 100
Yes, she’s a lightweight bike, but the motorcycling environment in Bali is very different to what most of us are used to—and the local custom scene reflects that. Here, Deus is creating smaller bikes with robust suspension and simple mechanicals that don’t require a degree in electronics to fix.

Honda CB 100
According to their Bali guys, “We are currently building ‘The Deus Temple of Enthusiasm’ in Canggu. This 2000m2 site will be a clever combination of new and 100-year-old traditional Indonesian wooden houses, taking reference from a Kampung, or traditional Indonesian home village.

“This somewhat eclectic collection of buildings will house the showroom, art gallery, workshop facilities, photographic studio, artists studio, and even a surfboard shaping bay. Connected by a wide veranda full of tables and chairs is the Deus Cafe, where eventually Canggu locals, pro surfers and artists will rub elbows with riders gassing up on caffeine whilst out on their Bali excursions. A melting pot of ideas and ideologies, a Warung (stall) of Knowledge.”

Honda CB 100
It’s a good location: Canggu is an area increasingly popular with expats, with the new Canggu Club nearby, and just up the road is a beautiful house owned by Deus founder Dare Jennings. I’m green with envy already.

Build sheet

Rebuilt Honda 1976 CB 100 Engine bored out to 180cc
88mm aftermarket piston
CDI added
All engine bolts swapped for stainless steel
4.5 inch chrome headlight from Japan
Deus custom headlight bracket
Smoked alloy indicator lights from Japan
Daytona speedo and bracket
Easyriders ‘Early Tail-light’ from Japan
Ventura “BSA Style” Handlebars
Kitaco handlebar controls
Clip-on mirror
Relocated ignition switch
Custom battery housing
Brown ‘British ribbed’-style grips
Front suspension from Yamaha 225, chopped 5cm
32cm ‘Old style’ Yamaha rear suspension
Alloy rims: 18” rear, 18” front, with stainless spokes
Swallow tires, 120/80 × 18 front and same for rear.
Custom galvanized Tank
Custom seat upholstery
Rear frame section modified to accept seat and shortened 3 inches
Hidden horn and rectifier/regulator
Front converted to ‘Flower disk brake’
Re-wiring of whole bike
Original rear hub swapped to Yamaha 225
Custom built Swing-arm made from steel tube