Hajarbroxx KillHill CB125

Honda CB125 custom
One of my regular destinations on the interwebs is Trent Reker’s site bikerMetric. Reker is one wave short of a shipwreck: alternately funny and profane, he’s the closest thing to Hunter S Thompson in the online motorcycling world. He also manages to find distinctly offbeat motorcycles—machines you won’t see elsewhere. And this is one such bike. It was built by Hajarbroxx Motorcycles of Bandung in Indonesia, a small custom workshop started by illustrator Gifny Richata and his mechanic friend Nandang.

Honda CB125 custom
Since most of the bikes sold in Indonesia are under 250cc, Hajarbroxx specializes in small-engined motorcycles—but they have their first big bike project, the Kwakazilla, in the pipeline. “Our concept is to build motorcycles that look like motorcycles,” says Richata, “Classic and vintage bikes are the references, with a little post-apocalyptic twist in the details. That’s the basic design core of Hajarbroxx.” KillHill is a customized 1970s CB125, built for a client who wanted an ‘Army Green hill climber’. The frame has been heavily modified, including a switch from a dual rear shock setup to a monoshock. The swing arm is an extended Honda GL 200 item, with the monoshock taken from a Yamaha scooter. The engine was also heavily modified; it uses the cylinder and head from a Honda GL 160, bored out to 200cc for even more kick. It’s not the sort of bike you’d want to take on a trip coast-to-coast, but I bet it’s enormous fun on the mountain roads of West Java.

Donor bike: customized 70s Honda CB125
Engine: 125cc bored out to 200cc
Front suspension: 2009 Honda GL200
Rear suspension: Extended Honda GL200 swingarm w/ Yamaha 125cc scooter monoshock
Bodywork: custom made fenders and battery box, Honda Benly gas tank
Exhaust: custom made
Wheels: 21″ front alloy, 15″ rear metal

Honda CB125 custom
Honda CB125 custom
Honda CB125 custom