Monotone Menace: A brawny Honda CB750 by STG Tracker

Custom Honda CB750 by STG Tracker
Back in 1969, the Honda CB750 was considered the pinnacle of motorcycle performance. But it’s the way that the CB evolved over the 70s and 80s that’s compelling. Through that era, the CB750 adopted disc brakes, double overhead cams, Honda’s iconic Comstar wheels, and progressively more macho bodywork.

Smack dab in the middle of that period, the Honda CB750 sported the perfect mix of older and newer Honda features. The 1980 CB750K had a DOHC engine and a single front disc brake, but spoked wheels and a rear drum brake. This custom CB750K from STG Tracker in Buenos Aires, Argentina celebrates that tipping point in the CB’s history.

Custom Honda CB750 by STG Tracker
The bike’s owner brought the bike to shop bosses Marcelo Obarrio and Germán Karp with a very specific brief. He wanted to retain the laced wheel look as a nod to the original but blend in styling from newer models like the CB750F and CBX, while modernizing the suspension and brakes. STG delivered a show-stopping roadster that rides the line between tasteful restomod and aggressive street tracker.

Getting the CB750’s new bodywork right was crucial. STG started by fitting a Honda CB750F fuel tank to the bike, then set about conceptualizing the rear section. The challenge was to emulate the unmistakable CBX1000 tail section with its distinct lip, but keep the design slim and abbreviated.

Custom Honda CB750 by STG Tracker
STG settled on the similar-looking Honda CB400 Superhawk tail as the starting point for a new custom piece. The CB400 tail was cut and shut, and then grafted to a set of CB750F side panels to form a single unit. Using that as a template, STG shaped the final part out of carbon fiber, creating a slick rear end that blends perfectly with the fuel tank.

A luxe leather and Alcantara saddle sits up top, with a scooped layout that exaggerates the shapes of classic Honda seats. The boxy taillight, also from the CB400, is another visual nod to older Hondas.

Custom Honda CB750 by STG Tracker
Next, STG Tracker borrowed the running gear from a Yamaha R1 to bring the Honda’s suspension and brakes up to par. CNC-machined yokes grip the R1’s upside-down forks, with a 17” rim laced to a custom CNC-machined front hub lower down. Also in play are the Yamaha’s twin brake calipers, and a carbon fiber front fender.

Moving to the rear end, STG redesigned the subframe and ditched the CB750’s twin shock mounts. They then modified the R1’s swingarm to fit the Honda, shortening it in the process to match the bike’s original wheelbase. The R1’s shock is tucked away behind the side covers.

Custom Honda CB750 by STG Tracker
Like the front wheel, the rear uses a 17” rim around a custom-made hub. A Nissin disc brake now does duty out back, with Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III tires offering modern grip. A peak around the back of the CB reveals a swingarm-mounted license plate holder and a neat blank-off plate that protects the electronics.

Under the hood, STG rewired the Honda around a handful of Motogadget parts. They also fitted LED turn signals all around and upgraded the brakes further with braided lines from Hel. The CNC-machined rear set foot controls are their work too.

Custom Honda CB750 by STG Tracker
Up front, a 3D-printed nacelle wraps around an adaptive LED headlight. A digital Motogadget dash sits behind it, followed by ProTaper risers gripping a set of tapered handlebars. STG also fitted fresh grips, a new throttle, MV Agusta brake and clutch levers, and tiny Motogadget switches.

Unsurprisingly for a vintage Honda, there was nothing wrong with the CB750’s engine. STG Tracker put it through a light rebuild, putting it back together with fresh coatings. The carbs were cleaned and fitted with K&N pod filters, and a custom four-into-two exhaust system was fabricated to create an appropriate soundtrack.

Custom Honda CB750 by STG Tracker
STG Tracker’s Honda CB750 scores high on stance and details, but it’s the picture-perfect livery that seals the deal. The color scheme subtly switches from black to carbon fiber from the tank to the tail, with grey stripes running uninterrupted over both. The rest of the bike continues the monotone theme, with the matte gold forks and clear-coated swingarm offering just the right amount of contrast.

Between the razor-sharp BMW that we featured recently and this menacing CB750, STG Tracker is on a roll. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

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Custom Honda CB750 by STG Tracker

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