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Honda CB750K7 by Wrenchmonkees

Honda CB750K7
This brutal, slammed Honda CB750 is Monkee #54, the latest machine to roll out of the legendary Danish workshop. It’s got even more of an apocalyptic feel than most Wrenchmonkees builds, and was commissioned by Timothée, a rider from Paris.

“Timothée wanted a custom that didn’t look like an ‘overdone,’ shiny, vintage bike,” says the Wrenchmonkees’ Per Nielsen. “He was open to suggestions, and to get the best result he made his dream clear and left the rest to us.” The Wrenchmonkees don’t use computer mock-ups or Photoshop impressions—but take their time getting to know a client’s needs and preferences via conversations and emails.

Honda CB750K7
“We talked about a Kawasaki Z1000 or a Honda CB750,” says Per. “We ended up with this CB750K7, because our CB750 #44 had most of the characteristics that Timothée was looking for.” The golden rule was no chrome, and Timothée’s favorite finishes are black and ‘burnt.’ “He came to the right place!” laughs Per.

Honda CB750K7
The motor has been given a 100cc boost to 836cc with a Wiseco kit. Everything breathes easier with a new exhaust system, a 4-into-2 custom fabrication. The electrics have been given a shot in the arm too, with a complete rewire, Dyna coils and a new electronic ignition system.

Honda CB750K7
The suspension has been lowered 60 mm at the front, and new 300 mm shocks fitted at the rear to adjust the stance of the bike. The tires are now Dunlops, D401 at the front and K655 at the back.

Honda CB750K7
The bodywork has been extensively modified too, starting with the tank. It’s from a 1970s Suzuki GS 400/425, sitting ahead of a custom seat unit. (So those glimpses of color, I’m guessing, are not the Candy Alpha Red the CB750K7 was originally offered with.) Compact new lights front and back add to the minimalist look, and the battery box hides a tiny li-ion unit weighing just 700 grams.

Honda CB750K7
When the CB750 was finished, Timothée flew up from France and rode it for a weekend right across Denmark. (“Our country is quite small,” Per notes wryly.) The test ride was a success, and the Honda took the long road home to France.

Even in hard-to-impress Paris, I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

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