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Honda CBS125 by Dauphine-Lamarck

Honda CBS125
There are dozens of builders who work on nothing but Harleys. Countless others stick exclusively to Indians, Moto Guzzis or Ducatis. But we didn’t know there’s a workshop that specializes in tiny Hondas from the 60s to the 80s—until now.

This classy little Honda CBS125 comes from Dauphine-Lamarck, a small outfit in the southern suburbs of Paris, just off the Autoroute du Soleil. They build strangely engaging, oddball customs—mostly focusing on CBs and CLs, but occasionally having fun with an ATC or Monkey bike.

Honda CBS125
Why? “We have a passion for history,” the two founders explain. “What can we do with an ‘old thing?’ Honda has a beautiful history with small two-wheelers, but few people accept it. We want to make people discover that story.”

This 1974 CBS125 is the sort of build that should make Europeans take notice. Compact and chic, it’d be perfectly at home on the busy streets of Paris, dicing with the swarms of scooters and bicycles.

Honda CBS125
“We wanted a no-fuss 125,” say the Dauphine-Lamarck boys. “A simple racer look, in gray. Something timeless.” They decided to use only Honda components, starting with a conversion to 12 volts for the electrical system. The engine has been uprated with a CB350 piston, and it’s now fed by a carburetor from an ATC 200.

Honda CBS125
To add to the racy look, the swingarm has been extended by 9 cm (3½ inches) and the front forks trimmed down. The wheels are now from a CB125 K5, with a bigger front drum brake. The tank and bars are from an equally diminutive Honda S90, and a CB200 headlight has been installed to give the machine more of a 60s vibe.

Honda CBS125
No vintage Honda CB125 is ever going to win the traffic light grand prix—even with a major engine upgrade. But for charm and style, this one is hard to beat.

Head over to the stylish Dauphine-Lamarck website for images of their other, equally charismatic customs.

Images by (and thanks to) David Marvier.

Honda CBS125