Honda Dream 50R

Honda Dream 50R limited edition racing motorcycle
In 1962, Honda revealed its first 50cc-class works racer, the RC110. At the same time, it released a road-legal version called the CR110 Cub Racing. Like many small-capacity motorcycles of this era, these were elegant machines, with a delicate minimalism that seems to appeal more and more. The beauty in the picture isn’t a sixties racer, though. It’s the Honda Dream 50R, a limited edition model released in 2004 to commemorate Honda’s early racing history. For $5,499, you got a 156lb lightweight with an engine built by Honda’s racing division, including race-spec cams, valve springs and pistons, and a six-speed gearbox. But before you get too excited, that 49cc four-stroke produces just seven bhp—at a heady 13,500 rpm. It’s not road legal, and even if it was, a trip to the corner store would probably be the limit. As a piece of rolling motorcycle sculpture, though, it’s just perfect. [With thanks to Mike Nash and Jim Jowers.]