Honda RCB1000 replica

The Whitehouse CB750cafe, a Honda RCB1000 replica
One of the most iconic racing motorcycles of all time is Honda’s pretty RCB1000. In 1976 it won the Bol d’Or 24-Hour Endurance Race, and seven out of the eight rounds in the European Endurance Championship. The bike above is not an original RCB1000 though—it’s a replica created by Whitehouse, based just outside Tokyo and one of Japan’s most enduring custom shops. (We’ve no idea why it’s called the ‘CB750cafe’.) The quality of craftsmanship looks excellent, with a hand-crafted aluminum tank and very neat bodywork construction. It takes around two months to make the entire bike, and two bodywork options are available: an RCB1000-style full race fairing, or a half-faired version. Then you need to pick your color: either the red, white and blue ‘tricolor’ livery, or a carbon grey finish with polished tank, or a slick silver-and-blue treatment. Best of all, this replica is designed to be ridden on the road as well as the track. Wouldn’t it look good in your garage? [PS. If there’s no room in your garage, Whitehouse has thoughtfully provided a papercraft model for you to download in PDF format.]

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