Honda VT750 by Luca Bar

Honda VT750 custom motorcycle concept
The stock Honda VT750 (or Shadow) is an unassuming Sportster clone. It’s pitched at beginner riders who prefer easygoing Japanese reliability to Harley’s contrived contemporary image. And like most Hondas, the VT750 is neat and well-designed, but could do with a little more style—or brio. This is what young Italian designer Luca Bar had in mind when he penned his retro Scrambler variant: with subtle cosmetic changes, he’s elevated Honda’s anonymous cruiser into a way more desirable bike.

Bar specializes in product design, graphic design and fashion, but he’s a petrolhead at heart—and also a member of the Motorcycle Design Association. In fact, you’ve probably seen Bar’s work before, most likely his vision of a potential Ducati chopper—which set the interwebs alight a few months back (shown below). And his recreations of classic Moto Guzzis are equally cool. “Most of my work is made for the press,” he says. “Magazines and websites contact me to get preview renderings of rumors that are escaping from bigger companies.”

If you’re a motorcycle magazine art director or editor—and yes, I know a lot of you check into Bike EXIF regularly—it’s worth giving Luca Bar a call.

custom motorcycle concept
custom motorcycle concept
custom motorcycle concept