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Deus Husqvarna TE250

Husqvarna TE250 by Deus Bali
Husqvarna is a manufacturer with over a hundred years of history—and a finger in a lot of geographical pies. Formerly Swedish, it’s now owned by BMW and builds its motorcycles in Italy.

Husqvarna has just set up shop in Bali, which got the boys from Deus’ Canggu outpost all excited. So they got their hands on the World Enduro Championship-winning TE250, a bike designed to spend 90 per cent of its life off-road. “In a lot of cases Bali’s roads are indeed ‘off-road’,” laughs Deus’ Dustin Humprey. “But we set out to skew that bias back towards the tar. Enduro does mean street legal.”

Husqvarna TE250 by Deus Bali
“We liked the overall stance and lines of the TE250, although we’re not fans of the plastics. On the plus side, it’s a light, nimble, fuel-injected four stroke, with a liquid-cooled single-pot motor. The thing is small—minimalist, if you like.” It also sports titanium valves, a close-ratio six-speed transmission and a light-action hydraulic clutch.

Husqvarna TE250 by Deus Bali
Deus quickly decided what to take, and what to leave. The subframe needed to be modified, not only to accommodate the new seat and tank, but also to refine the TE250’s lines. “The custom metal tank is something of a Homage to the 1970s Husqvarna 400 Cross ridden by McQueen and Smith. We added a Nitro head-set, and a custom header pipe running into a custom reverse cone exhaust with an alloy tip.”

Husqvarna TE250 by Deus Bali
The engine was treated to a wrinkle-black finish and polished side cover, and the radiator was swapped out for a Kawasaki KLX item. Rims are now black, 250-18 on the front and 300-18 on the back. They’re fitted with Heidenau Enduro rubber.

Then came a more suitable taillight and indicators, an Acewell speedo, custom fenders and an alloy chain guard. “Looking at this bike being photographed, and having ridden it, we think it’s one of our best,” says Humprey. “But then again, as any good cook knows, you’re only as good as your ingredients.”

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Husqvarna TE250 by Deus Bali