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Birthday bobber: A Kawasaki W650 from 2LOUD Custom

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
What does the guy that has everything buy himself for his birthday? For one enthusiast, the answer is something he’s wanted since his youth; a really cool motorcycle. And Taiwanese shop 2LOUD Custom has delivered just that, in the form of this bobber-style Kawasaki W650.

“It’s an interesting story,” says shop owner Ma ‘Max’ Yicheng. “The owner devoted most of his time to his career—then thought maybe it’s time to fulfill the dream he had when he was young. Even though he’s owned supercars, he still wants to feel the freedom and passion of two wheels.”

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
For Max and his partner, Lu Yongyu, this type of project is what custom bike building is all about. “2LOUD is a shop that’s happy to realize dreams,” Max explains. “That’s why we founded the shop.”

Their client had no pre-conceived style in mind for the build. His only requirements were to make it “cool enough,” and have it done in time for his birthday. So Max and Lu were free to get loose.

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
“Every time we created and completed a new part, the owner would come to take a look with excitement,” says Max. “This would encourage us to create more unique parts for him.”

2LOUD started with a 2006 W650, then proceeded to change almost everything. Not even the motor is stock any more—there’s an 803 cc kit from POSH Japan inside, and it’s been polished on the outside. The guys also added a pair of Keihin FCR37 carbs with K&N filters.

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
The chassis has been overhauled too. 2LOUD have de-tabbed it in some places and completely reworked it in others, adding neat details everywhere and finishing it off in high temperature metallic paint.

Then they fabricated a new stainless steel swing arm, along with a set of custom struts for the rear drum brake.

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
The front forks were restored, shortened and polished, and the rear shocks swapped for a pair of Öhlins. The Kawasaki still rolls on 19F/18R wheels, but they’ve been re-laced with stainless spokes and shod with Shinko rubber.

Gone is the Kawasaki’s front disc brake, though. 2LOUD laced the front wheel to a Yamaha SR400 drum brake hub, using the stock caliper mounts to anchor it. They’ve also machining holes into it, to show the inner workings.

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
Up top there’s a full set of bobber bodywork—from the peanut tank, right through to the leather seat and stubby rear fender. The tank’s interrupted center rib is a sweet touch, as is the integrated Motogadget speedo.

It’s finished off in an equally stunning livery. 2LOUD opted for a two-tone silver and blue design, separated by a flowing gold foil stripe, masterfully executed by Line & Circle.

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
Up front, Max and Lu treated the cockpit to a supreme cleanup. The triple clamp is a one-off CNC-machined item, and the handlebars are custom, fabricated from stainless steel. All the controls have been stripped back to basics with just a basic switch box, and all the wires now run inside the bars.

2LOUD then rewired the entire bike around a Motogadget mo.unit, leaving very little cabling in sight. Even the battery is stealth; it’s a Shorai Lithium-ion unit, and it’s hiding in a hand-made box near the swing arm pivot.

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
Max wasn’t kidding when he said they just kept adding custom details to this W. Check out the front fork brace, or the stainless steel chain guard. Even the foot pegs are custom—and they house a pair of LED turn signals too.

And then there’s that custom exhaust system, with twin headers that snake through the frame, and kick out either side of the rear wheel with a pair of cone mufflers.

Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom
As if that wasn’t enough, 2LOUD capped the Kawasaki off with one final personal touch. They gave the key to metal sculptors Metalize Productions, who made a silver and brass cap in the shape of the original ‘W’ tank badges. (The ‘3’ relates to the owner’s nickname).

It’s a stunning bobber in the typical Asian style that took countless hours to finesse. And after seeing 2LOUD’s recent Honda CB1100 and now this, we reckon Max and Lu are on a clear winning streak. We’ll put our envy aside, and wish the Kawasaki’s new owner a very happy birthday!

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Kawasaki W650 bobber by 2LOUD Custom