Spanish Style: Macco Motors’ Kawasaki W650

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors.
Building custom motorcycles sounds like a dream job, but it’s actually a pretty tough gig. You need a steady stream of work to keep the lights on—and not every project is a genre-bending custom paid for with a blank check.

The trick is to keep the quality high, even when the budget isn’t. And that’s what Jose and Tito at Macco Motors excel at.

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors;.
The Spanish maestros know how to tweak a bike until it oozes class. And word is spreading: the owner of this 2002-model Kawasaki W650 bought it and took it straight to the Málaga workshop.

“Our client has always been in love with that special engine,” the guys tell us, “but he wasn’t keen on the look of the rest of the bike.”

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors.
Macco’s client wanted an every-day runabout—something comfortable, practical and custom, without being too showy. “Just a bit smart, and a bit bad.”

The W650 is renowned for having a British vibe—thanks in part to its Triumph-esque fuel tank. But the customer and Macco had other ideas, so the tank had to go. After trying out a few options, everyone settled on a replacement from a Kawasaki KZ400.

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors.
Adapting it to the frame meant welding in some new brackets. With that sorted, the guys moved to the rear of the bike. The subframe was cut-n-shut, and capped off with a petite, chocolate brown saddle in Macco’s signature style.

Practicalistas will be happy to note custom-made, fiberglass fenders at both ends. Even the airbox is still intact—it’s behind the stock side covers, which have been treated to mesh-lined vents.

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors.
The tires are equally sensible: a Metzeler Tourance at the front, and a Continental Escape at the rear.

Hagon Nitro shocks and progressive fork springs have been installed to improve road holding.

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors.
Up front is a set of Biltwell Inc. Tracker handlebars, Tommaselli grips and a Bates-style headlight.

There’s also a Motogadget mini speedo on a hand-made bracket, and a new taillight and turn signals.

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors'.
The footpegs are also from Biltwell Inc.—they’re a pair of modified ‘Mushmans.’ The crew swapped the passenger pegs out for neater alloy units too.

Given the age of the bike, the engine was still reliable. Macco just popped the top to take a look, powder coated the valve cover (and bevel drive collar), and put it all back together with new gaskets.

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors.
The bike got a good tune-up too, to optimize it for the new, stubby Supertrapp cans. They’re mated to the stock headers, and attach to the original silencer mounts via custom brackets.

Macco finished the W650 off in a broody black-and-raw scheme. And yes: that’s pipewrap. When I cornered Jose about it, he simply replied: “Customer preference, that’s all.”

Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors.
We’d be stoked to call this our daily runner. It’s lighter, better sprung and more compact looking than stock—without losing an ounce of practicality.

Another happy cliente, we bet.

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Spanish Style: Kawasaki W650 by Macco Motors.