Moto Guzzi Ambassador racebike

Ritmo Sereno's Moto Guzzi Ambassador racer
If you’re a fan of the Euro custom scene in Japan, you might guess that this molto bella 750cc V-twin is the work of Ritmo Sereno. It has that signature Ritmo ‘look’: shiny, factory-fresh authenticity mixed with clever custom detailing. But this vintage Guzzi is no trailer queen.

It’s actually a fully-functioning racer, and Ritmo has been running it at Fuji Speedway in the ‘Legend of Classic’ historic racing series. (After taking off the cute little tool roll, presumably). There are more images of the Ambassador in recent posts on the blog of Ritmo’s CEO, Siroh Nakajima. And if you’re heading over that way, also check out the shots of the rare and beautiful Magni currently being prepared in Ritmo’s Tokyo workshop. That one’s going to be a beauty too.