Motorcycle restoration: The engine

Watch E3 Motorcycles restore a vintage Honda motorcycle engine
A motorcycle engine is a thing of beauty: A compact mechanical symphony, engineered with precision. And one of the most satisfying jobs during a motorcycle restoration is restoring an engine back to its original glory.

That’s what happened this week in E3 Motorcycles’ Brooklyn workshop. Going under the knife is the engine in the Honda CB550 owned by New York agency Woods Witt Dealy & Sons.

“The bike arrived with a thin layer of oil covering the cylinder and lower engine,” recalls E3’s David Browning. “It started and ran, but most definitely sounded its age.”

In the latest Saturday Sessions clip, you can see 39 years of road sludge and oil being removed with diluted Simple Green and brass brushes. The top end was taken apart and inspected, and the cylinder section sent to Power Seal USA for an overhaul.

Once back, the top end was reassembled with new Wiseco pistons, and all gaskets were replaced using a full engine kit from Vesrah. The covers were polished, and Duplicolor 1615 high temperature engine paint applied.

“There’s still a bit of work to go,” says David, “but the basic components are in place and the motor is ready to drop back into the frame.”


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