Motorcycle wallpaper #10

Motorcycle wallpaper by Lorenzo Eroticolor
The art of the motorcycle poster seems to have declined of late. Before WWII, motorcycle manufacturers would commission amazing illustrations that captured the power and glory of motorcycles, with racy typography and dashing young chaps in goggles. Then the film camera came along—and by the 1960s, the standard motorcycle poster was a studio shot of a girl and a bike with double entendre headline. Good for a giggle on Facebook these days, but nothing more.

There’s a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel though, because a select few artists are recreating the glory days of motorcycle illustration. Conrad Leach is one, and Lorenzo Eroticolor is another. Lorenzo has created a series of posters called Aristocratic Motorcyclist, and his work is getting picked up and promoted by European motorcycle magazines. He’s kindly agreed to create a set of four wallpapers for Bike EXIF readers, suitable for computer monitors or iPads. Choose your favorite here.