Motorcycle wallpaper #12

Motorcycle wallpaper by Francis Ooi of Ugly Moto.
Francis Ooi is a creative director from Singapore—which is not the best place to live if you are passionate about custom motorcycles.

By law, Francis cannot even change the blinkers on his 1994 Ducati 900SS: Everything has to be stock. So he’s channeled his frustrations into his art, and created a set of prints showing classic racing motorcycles.

“For years I’ve admired the beautiful machines featured on Bike EXIF,” he tells us. “So I decided to build myself a few classic racers. But instead of cutting up frames, I build the bikes in my 12-inch garage—the MacBook Pro.” The results are now on sale in the Ugly Moto online store.

Working in his spare time, it takes Francis about a month to create each image, and each illustration has around 800 components and layers. He’s created four wallpapers for Bike EXIF readers, sized for both computer monitors and iPads.

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