New and Noted: Motorcycle Gear

New motorcycle gear recommended by Bike EXIF.
As temperatures warm up, new gear is starting to creep onto the market. These are the latest releases to catch our eye, mixing high-end style with high-tech performance. Hide that credit card.

SPIDI Tank motorcycle jacket.
Spidi Tank Jacket If you live in the northern hemisphere, chances are it’s still a little cold for riding. But Spidi has you covered with its latest jacket design: the $650 military-style ‘Tank.’ It’s inspired by the jackets worn by tank crews in World War II, and has knitted openings at the neck, cuffs and hem.

The chassis is one-millimeter Italian cowhide, and there’s a soft felt liner that you can take out if you start to feel hot under the collar. You also get CE-certified Forcetech shoulder and elbow protectors as standard, clips for attaching to your pants, and there’s a pocket for adding a back protector too. [Buy]

The REV'IT! Tracer Overshirt.
REV’IT! Tracer Overshirt If there’s a discernable trend in motorcycle apparel at the moment, it’s gear that doesn’t look like gear—dress boots with concealed armor, and pants that look like designer jeans. We haven’t got the CE-certified Kevlar-reinforced beanie hat yet, but I’m sure it’s not far away.

REV’IT! has already made several plays in this game, and here’s the latest stealth product from the Dutch company: the $220 Tracer overshirt. It’s made from abrasion-resistant 11-ounce Cordura denim, with the company’s proprietary ‘PWR | shield’ reinforcing the elbows. You get super-slim but CE-certified protectors at the shoulders and elbows, and can add a back protector if you want to be extra safe. The fit is tailored and the style is bang-up-to-the-minute.

It’s obviously not the same level of protection as a full race suit, but for short low-speed urban trips, it’s waay better than that old Levi’s plaid shirt. [Buy]

Saint Women’s Unbreakable Denim Jacket
Saint Women’s Unbreakable Denim Jacket The Australian company has already made a name for itself with its ultra high-tech fabrics. Even the crusty old one-percenters at Hot Bike magazine are impressed, calling Saint’s denim vest ‘Light years ahead of the rest.’

Saint has now turned its attention to the women’s market, with a very stylish denim jacket leading the way. It’s made from 66% Dyneema and 33% cotton, making it 133 times stronger than regular denim. In CE-standard tests, the slide time is 3.67 seconds—almost 150 feet. For women riders who prefer Helmut Lang to helmet hair, Saint has got your back. [Buy]

New from uglyBROS: the Chamber-K motorcycle pants.
uglyBROS Chamber-K Pants UglyBROS has taken the market by storm recently. Who hasn’t noticed the skinny, aggressively-styled Motorpool jeans, one of the breakthrough products of recent years? But the latest addition to the range has a far more relaxed fit. The $249 ‘Chamber-K’ is cut like a pair of traditional work pants, which leaves room for a detachable Kevlar liner.

The outer material is herringbone-pattern heavyweight cotton, in a classic straight cut with a medium rise. The waistband is adjustable and the rear pockets are expandable. If you’re into the Dickies or Carhartt look, these are the pants to get. [Buy]

New from Stylmartin: the Continental boots.
Stylmartin Continental boots Back in the day, when riders like Roger De Coster ruled the roost, the motocross boots to have were Alpinestars’ Hi Points. Their distinctive style is still influential, with elements appearing on Icon 1000’s excellent Elsinores.

The Italian manufacturer Stylmartin is late to this game, but the $345 Continental has nailed the look. There’s no metal shin plate, but the construction is quality water-repellent Nappa leather. Underfoot is a Vibram anti-slip rubber sole and the anatomic footbed is removeable. The internal protection extends to the shin, and those iconic buckles are all present and correct.

Available in black—and a vibrant red too, to satisfy the attention junkies. [Buy]