New and Noted: Motorcycle Gear

New motorcycle gear recommended by Bike EXIF.
Brand extensions gone crazy, an heirloom jacket from Dainese, a limited edition lid from Hedon, and beautiful new summer leather gloves from Knox. There goes the monthly budget.

Montblanc Urban Spirit motorcycle helmet
Montblanc Urban Spirit helmet If you like fancy fountain pens, you’ll know the story of Montblanc and its famous Meisterstück, released in 1924. In recent years company has expanded its offerings to include watches and expensive leather goods. And a few days ago, in one of the most bizarre brand extensions we’ve ever seen, Montblanc teased us with a new motorcycle helmet.

It’s influenced by 1970s racing lids and there’s perforated leather trim—on the outside. No word yet on price or availability, but you can guarantee it will be very expensive. If you’ve always wanted a Les Ateliers Ruby helmet but are put off by Ruby’s turbulent recent history, Montblanc may soon have the solution to your problem. [Via]

Hedon Hedonist ‘Stevie’ helmet
Hedon Hedonist ‘Stevie’ helmet Hedon doesn’t yet have the history of Montblanc, but it’s quickly carved a niche with its elegant helmets. They’re all trimmed and lined in genuine calf leather, with a distinctive logo plaque in copper and brass. The company occasionally releases limited editions, and the ‘Stevie’ is the latest.

No prizes for guessing which famous film star and motorcyclist this $490 lid is named after. It’s finished in matte white with green and blue stripes, and the badge, hardware and buckle are in functional steel rather than the usual copper and brass. The ECE 22.05 certified shell is a composite of fiberglass and carbon fibre, and there’s a carbon fiber peak. The Stevie is selling out fast, so hurry if you fancy one. [Hedon]

Dainese Heston jacket
Dainese Heston jacket Dainese has been quietly developing its 36060 collection of vintage-inspired pieces, and the latest is this low-key but beautifully styled leather jacket. It’s notable for its simple lines, with no unnecessary zippers or outside pockets to mess up the contours.

The leather is soft and supple in typical Dainese style, and the company fits its own low-profile ‘Pro Soft’ armor to the shoulders and elbows. There’s also a pocket for a back protector, if you wish to add one. At $680 the Heston is not cheap, but it’s the kind of piece that’ll last for years and never go out of style. Choose from black or tan. [Buy]

Boblbee GTX 20L backpack
Boblbee GTX 20L backpack Boblbee luggage has a cult following. It doesn’t just make it easy to carry your stuff around, it’s also highly protective. The new GTX series hardshell qualifies as a CE Level 2 Back Protector, with an industry-best rating of 94% impact reduction.

Given that it’s a little bigger than your usual back protector, that’s not surprising. The design is aerodynamic, the strap system is highly ergonomic, and the weight penalty is a mere 2.2 kilos (4.85 pounds). The GTX is a development of the already popular People’s Delite Aero and can accommodate a 14-inch laptop with ease. If you need top-level protection for your gear and your spine, this is the one to get. [Buy]

Knox Hanbury gloves
Knox Hanbury gloves The English company Knox has always had a peerless reputation for its high-end armor. But its new Studio apparel collection proves that it can do style as well as protection.

The Hanbury is a short leather glove designed for spring and summer riding, made from 0.8mm cowhide leather. Protection comes via low profile scaphoid protectors on the palm, and four individual gel pieces on the knuckle area. The styling is top-notch too, with ribbed leather on the cuff and fingers. [Buy]