Beast: Custom NSU Motorenwerke ‘Bison 2000’

NSU Motorenwerke custom motorcycle
This is the world’s largest single-cylinder two-wheeler. It was built by a gentleman called Fritz Langer, and it’s based on an NSU Konsul 500.

I suspect that Fritz is one wave short of a shipwreck, but there’s no denying the balls-out engineering that has gone into this machine. Fritz replaced the original cylinder and piston with a 122 ci unit from a radial aeroplane engine, but that piston weighed 3.3 kg—over 7 lbs. So Fritz got Mahle to make up a lightweight piston of just 1.6 kg.

After the engine block was widened and the crank milled, Fritz was ready to roll. (He must have strong legs, because this baby is a kickstart.) The stainless steel exhaust system, incidentally, is 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter, and there’s no silencer. So it’ll be enough to put even a Screamin’ Eagle-equipped Harley to shame.

NSU Motorenwerke custom motorcycle