Motorcycle resto: starting the engine

Motorcycle restoration: now we're ready to start the engine.
In every motorcycle build there’s a moment of truth. It’s usually when you start up the engine up for the first time.

In this week’s Saturday Sessions, you can see E3 Motorcycles jolt our Honda CB550 back to life. “We’d already put the harness, ignition, and electrical components into place,” says shop boss David Browning. “So this week we moved onto the valve and points timing, and the rest of the pre-start checklist.”

Scrutinized by a shop full of watching eyes, the bike fired right back up. “Stoked to be past this milestone and getting into the final tuning,” says Browning. “And many thanks to the fine crew at Dime City Cycles, for the rush service on the parts we needed.”

Next week we’ll see the seat, tank, and lighting being installed. It won’t be long before bike will be back where it belongs, in the garage of New York ad agency Woods Witt Dealy & Sons.

Meanwhile, hit play and enjoy.

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