Fun Size: 5 Street-Legal Mini Bikes for 2023

Street Legal Mini Bikes 2023
Mini motorcycles have
always been something of a novelty. Beyond the absurd visual effect of an adult on a kid-sized machine, they bring many of us back to our roots, with our PW80s, XR50s and Trail 70s. The mini bike market of 2023 has evolved though, and we’re seeing more and more street-legal mini bikes from more manufacturers, boasting quirky-cool looks and legitimate performance.

These pint-sized machines offer fun for all skill levels, and they’re a great way to bop around and hone your skills.

2023 Honda Grom
Honda Grom
Introduced nearly a decade ago, there’s no conversation about street-legal minis without the Honda Grom. The Grom set the standard for the class, and its quirky, customizable character has stood the test of time.

Combining modern street bike flair, with scaled-down dimensions and a 30-inch seat height, the Grom has always been about fun and accessibility. The fuel-injected, 124 cc four-stroke engine and five-speed transmission provide predictable performance for entry-level riders, with a top speed around 60 mph for backroad commuting.

2023 Honda Grom
The Grom’s inverted fork, disc brakes, 12-inch wheels and passenger pegs have become standard equipment in the mini moto class. Suspension travel is right around 4 inches, which is still competitive among its peers. Ready to ride, the Grom weighs 223 pounds and has an estimated economy of 166 mpg and a 1.6-gallon fuel capacity.

In surfing language, grom refers to an amateur who will someday go pro, and indeed, the Grom provides thrill for all skill levels. Honda’s MSRP starts at $3,499, and the Grom has some of the best aftermarket support in the industry for customization. [Honda]

2023 Benelli TNT135
Benelli TNT135
Sharp European looks in a tiny affordable platform, the Benelli TNT135 is a pleasing synergy of Italian design and Chinese manufacturing. It’s more than just a Grom alternative, and the influence of Benelli’s 302S model can be seen in the triangulated backbone chassis and svelte plastics.

Power comes from a 135 cc air-cooled, four-valve engine, making a tick above 11 hp, and the transmission is a standard five-speed. The TNT’s important dimensions are right in line with the Grom, with welcome improvements in suspension travel and extra fuel capacity. You’ll feel the extra 30 pounds of curb weight, but the extra beef can be a benefit for many riders.

2023 Benelli TNT135
Benelli’s TNT135 gets extra points for its flush signals, projector-style headlight and twin-tip exhaust. The TNT is available through SSR’s U.S. dealers, and MSRP comes in at $3,199, making the TNT one of the more affordable bikes in its class. [Benelli]

CAKE Makka Flex electric motorcycle
CAKE Makka flex
The CAKE Makka flex is a funky electric option for the street if changing oil and pumping gas isn’t your jam. The Makka flex is much lighter than standard minis at 154 pounds, and its 2.8kW power plant will return 34 miles of range and 28 mph. Rugged build quality makes the Makka flex suitable for city commuting and light off-road use.

CAKE Makka Flex electric motorcycle
The Makka is equipped with regenerative braking and multiple riding modes, allowing riders to balance top speed and battery life. A full charge from 0% can be achieved in three hours with a standard home outlet.

The CAKE Makka flex starts at $4,470 with everything you need to hit the road, and available accessories range from tinted windscreens to surfboard racks. [CAKE]

2023 Kawasaki Z125 Pro
Kawasaki Z125 Pro
Kawasaki’s entry in the mini bike market has been fiercely compared to the Grom since its debut in 2015, and you’ll find plenty of advocates for each on the web. Boasting comfortable ergonomics and sporty dimensions, the Z125 Pro was built for mini moto performance.

The Kawasaki Z125 Pro has a refreshing degree of fit and finish, with more complete plastics and a sporty full-length seat. You’ll sit a little higher on the Z, with its 31.7-inch seat height, which could be a benefit for larger riders. Its 125 cc engine is fit with fuel injection and a four-speed transmission, and power is on par with the Grom.

2023 Kawasaki Z125 Pro
The Z125 Pro’s sporty 46-inch wheelbase and high-revving engine make it an attractive option in the mini bike class, and arguably more fun in the twisties. Pricing starts at $3,399, with three eye-catching color schemes to choose from. [Kawasaki]

Honda Monkey mini bike
Honda Monkey
Fun size with huge character, the Honda Monkey puts a completely different spin on the Grom’s mechanicals. The design comes from the iconic 1970s Honda Z50, and despite an increase in dimensions, the visual effect hasn’t suffered.

In addition to its retro cosmetics, the Monkey ditches the Grom’s full length seat and passenger pegs for a solo saddle. Dual rear shocks replace the Grom’s single, and the wheelbase is shorter at 45 inches. It’s also lighter at 231 pounds, and squeaks out a few extra mpg.

With chunky tires and high-mounted fenders and exhaust, the Monkey feels more off-roady than the Grom, even if it has the same 4 inches of suspension travel. You’ll pay a premium for this throwback at $4,249, but what’s $750 between friends? [Honda | Honda Monkey customs]

Honda Monkey mini bike