Suzuki GT750S Vallelunga

Suzuki GT750S Vallelunga limited edition Italian racebike
Some motorcycles from the late 60s and early 70s seem to look more beautiful as each year goes by. It makes me wonder which contemporary bikes we’ll be coveting in 2045. Right now, I’m in love with the Suzuki GT750S Vallelunga. It was based on the regular Suzuki GT750 triple introduced in 1971—a bike with a strong following today and nicknamed the ‘kettle’ or the ‘water buffalo’. The Vallelunga was based on the disc-braked GT750K; it was a limited edition created by SAIAD, Suzuki’s Italian importer. Less than 200 units were made, and perhaps as few as 85, just so the bike could run in the 1973 Italian championship races. The race bikes often had an exhaust system from the TR750, with expansion chambers, and a Krober ignition to give the engine a little more pep. Information is otherwise scanty, but the real feast here is for the eyes. Of today’s roadburners, which do you think will still look as hot in 36 years’ time? [Prompted by another Suzuki Italy special on Ze Last Chance Garage.]