Suzuki XF650 custom: JvB-MOTO’s “Single Hot Rod”

Suzuki XF650 custom: JvB-MOTO's Single Hot Rod
A while ago Chris posted the Ducati Flat Red and I think it’s time to do the prequel (especially with prequels being so popular these days).

This is the JvB-MOTO Single Hot Rod. It might not have the same pedigree, heritage or the Italian badge as the previous Ducati but this Suzuki XF650 has German builder Jens Vom Brauck’s handy work written all over it.

This is his original bike that started it all, winning many awards and trophies over the years. You wouldn’t expect this bike to have been originally created as a low budget project combining a Suzuki XF650 engine and a 1988 GPX 600 Kawasaki chassis. Because let’s face it, it looks far from low budget.

Jens describes what he set out to achieve best by saying. “I was a big fan of radical oldstyle choppers and bobbers, but I cannot imagine having fun, riding 300kg and a rigid frame. I wanted a light quick, street single with low riding position, full TÜV and some Rock ‘n Roll bike appeal”.

It looks like a lot of fun, and seriously quick at 150kg with 50 bhp from that single 650cc engine. Jens says “it feels like a supermoto” and looking at it—who would argue with him? Check out the JvB-MOTO website to view the rest of Jens’ amazing hot rod creations.

By guest writer Scott of Pipeburn.