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Bolt-On Beauty: A custom kit for the Yamaha MT-03 and MT-25 from Bunker

Bolt-On Beauty: A Yamaha MT custom kit from Bunker

Little bikes are big fun. There’s no shortage of pint-sized whips on the market, and most of them balance surprisingly good performance with a price tag that won’t vaporize your wallet. They’re all rather modern looking though, and usually resemble shrunken versions of their bigger stable mates. And if that puts you off, Istanbul’s Bunker…

Yamaha SR400 by Bunker Custom Cycles of Istanbul

War Paint: Bunker Custom’s Majestic Yamaha SR400

War-themed bikes usually go one of two ways. They’re either vulgar, Mad Max-themed affairs, or they’re swathed in olive drab—with bonus points if there’s a machine gun attached. But now Bunker Custom Cycles of Istanbul have stumbled upon a third way. Their client requested an ‘elegant war machine look,’ and builders Mert and Can Uzer…