Chiller motorized BMX

Chill ‘Em All: This motorized BMX is inspired by the Raleigh Chopper


The perennial question facing all major motorcycle manufacturers is how to get young people into motorcycling. With the old-school biker class slowly aging out, nabbing the next generation is crucial—and everyone is scrambling for the answer. As for us, we’re putting money on crossover concepts like ‘Chiller,’ a bespoke BMX-inspired bike powered by either a…

Retro-style electric BMX by ChillFab

Meet Chiller: An electric BMX with Raleigh Chopper styling

If you think that electric bikes aren’t ‘real’ motorcycles, avert your eyes now. But if you love vintage BMX bikes, and believe that electric drivetrains create interesting ways to introduce newcomers to motorcycling, read on. On the surface, ‘Chiller’ is a simple pedal-assist e-bike with throwback styling—but there’s more to this story. It’s the work…

Custom BMX moped by Blackmarket Project

Chiller: A BMX-style moped from Saint Petersburg

The debate rages on whether electric motorcycles are better than petrol-powered ones. Meanwhile a group of mad scientists in Saint Petersburg have side-stepped the argument completely, by building two near-identical bikes; one petrol, one electric. And we honestly don’t know which one we like more. Meet ‘Chiller’—a cross between a BMX cruiser and a moped,…