The new ICON Motorhead3 motorcycle jacket
Cake Ösa+ electric drag racer by Hookie Co.

Silver Ant: Hookie Co.’s Cake Ösa electric drag racer

Cake’s electrical motorcycles look exactly like you’d expect high-end products from Swedish designers to look: slick, utilitarian and minimalist. So who better to customize one than Germany’s Hookie Co.? The Dresden-based custom house is known for their sharp eye and fresh style—and they’re familiar with Cake’s drivetrains. Their otherworldly Tardigrade moon rover concept is Cake-powered,…

Harley-Davidson Softail sprint bike by BG-Garage Custom

Bruiser: A Harley Softail drag bike from Belgium

We’ve followed the wacky Sultans of Sprint race series since day one, impressed by the outrageous purpose-built machines that some of our favorite custom builders have produced for it. But the series is much bigger than what we’ve touched on here. Because for every high profile shop or manufacturer with an entry, there’s a hidden…