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A redesigned Ducati GT1000 from Greaser Garage of Italy

Ducati SS1000: Redesigning the SportClassic GT1000

Like any proper cult vehicle, the Ducati SportClassic was hugely under-appreciated when it was first released. That’s probably because it was ahead of its time—blending retro style with contemporary performance, just before modern classics were as popular as they are now. Or maybe it’s because its looks simply didn’t gel with everyone. Most pundits think…

Track Day Teaser: custom Ducati GT 1000 by Maria Motorcycles.

Bloody Fang: A track-ready Ducati GT 1000

Ducati hit a home run with the GT 1000 as far as we’re concerned. Essentially a factory café racer, it had a classic vibe that belied just how quick it was. Mysteriously, the sales numbers didn’t add up, and it was eventually dropped from Ducati’s line-up. Finding one today is tricky—and improving on its out-the-box…

Ducati SportClassic

Top 5 Ducati SportClassics

For a motorcycle that only sold in small numbers and was produced for just five years, the Ducati SportClassic generates a remarkable amount of press. It’s virtually impossible to find a good condition example on the secondhand market, and if you do find one, you’ll have to pay handsomely for the privilege. Put simply, Ducati’s…