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KNTT: A sporty S&S-powered Knucklehead from Max Hazan

KNTT: A sporty Knucklehead from Max Hazan

We’d love a glimpse inside Max Hazan’s head. His machines are elegant and visceral, and we’re left wondering how he actually builds these functional sculptures. But what’s really mind blowing, is that he usually makes them up as he goes along. The latest Hazan Motorworks creation has the lines of an Italian sportbike, classic race…

Getting Personal: The KTM 950 SM that Max Hazan built for himself

Getting Personal: The KTM Max Hazan Built For Himself

There’s a definite style to a Hazan Motorworks bike: a hint of steampunk, lots of beautifully twisted and burnished metal, and impossibly elegant proportions. It’s an expensive endeavor, and Max operates in the same rarified atmosphere as Ian Barry of Falcon and the Japanese moto-artist Chicara Nagata. Luckily, there are collectors and museums that have…

Supercharged KTM custom motorcycle by Hazan Motorworks

Blown Away: Supercharged KTM by Hazan Motorworks

The custom motorcycle world is moving fast. It’s a world of Photoshop renders, digital sketches, computer aided design and 3D printers. Which is good to see, but also makes us a little sad at times. Motorcycling is a visceral, mechanical experience, and injection molded plastics don’t quite have the charm of bodywork turned on an…